Theater Therapy Co-op

 An online community i started to help and teach broadway singers and aspiring broadway singers how to land a big auditions so they can reach their full potential, travel the world with their talent and get in the room where it all happens.  

TTC is an online community for performers looking for a private vocal coach or audition c

oach. I created this space so people were able to get professional training no matter where they may live to those who have the dream but don’t know the steps to reach their full potential. I also offer a 6 week audition technique class for soon to be broadway performers. I can prepare you to book the room and explore different resources to prepare you for employment all over the world.

With Theater Therapy Co-op, you will cover topics such as:

✔Customizing your songbook: Making it unique to your lane

✔Find your light: Mental health support methods for performing through Anxiety

✔Self Taping is the new black: Setting up your at home studio

✔After you book: Once you win the room and book the show what next?                      

Also with private vocal coaching I will be able to help you:

Learn Healthy, Efficient Vocal Technique

Performance Technique

Prepare for Audition 

Improve Artistic Development

Broaden Performance Opportunities

Learn Proper Warm-Up Technique

Acting Technique

Train Ear for Pitch and Tone

Overcome Nerves

Fulfil the Passion for Pursuing the Arts

Improve Stage Presence

Improve Poise

Why did I start Theater Therapy Co-op?

I wanted to create an online space for performers with the  same goals, ideas and understanding for the level of drive an consistency it takes to book equity level broadway shows. I have a unique perspective because I previously traveled to 12 countries, won 2 prominent theater awards, booked 3 broadway shows, made my west end debut and taught people how to succeed, sing and audition in London, Germany, South Africa and Hawaii. I was thinking on a very small scale but my journey was much bigger. Creating TTC allows me to equip others with the tools I learned along the way from my experiences not just what I learned in the classroom.